Welcome To Pringle Lake!

Enjoy a wilderness adventure holiday at a Howey Bay Resort outpost

Pringle Lake has been referred to by our guests as a ‘northern fisherman’s dream’ since the lake is full of northern of all sizes. It is fairly common to see shorter northern in the 35 to 40 inch range ‘built like a tank’ since they are so wide and deep. It is interesting to note that there is basically no walleye in Pringle Lake. At times guests have stood on the rocks beside the cabin and caught one northern after another!

Pringle is five miles long with an average depth of 20 feet and structured in such a manner that fishing is possible in most wind conditions.

A six minute walk gets you to the only portage lake called Philip Lake where great northern and walleye can be caught. Guests can bring the walleye back to the cabin to eat but not remove the northern from Philip Lake. The portage trail starts right behind the cabin.

Our six person cabin is the only commercial cabin on the lake.

Our outposts include:
  • checkmark Cabin equipped with propane gas stove, refrigerator, freezer, hot and cold running water, showers, solar powered electric lights, single beds (boxspring and mattress), woodstove heater, and all cooking and eating dishes and utensils.
  • checkmark 14ft. Aluminum boat and 1 motor for each two persons (spare motor at each camp)
  • checkmark Mixed gasoline
  • checkmark Air transportation from Red Lake to outpost camp and return. Since our rates are based on utilizing the aircraft both ways, it is essential that you arrive at our main camp in Red Lake in the early morning on the date you are to fly to the outpost camp.
  • checkmark Parking
  • checkmark Outpost camp checks