Welcome To Valhalla Lake!

Enjoy a wilderness adventure holiday at a Howey Bay Resort outpost

If you wish to combine fishing with exercise for fitness during your trip, Valhalla Lake is made to order. You can fish for northern and lake trout on Valhalla Lake and take portage trails to four other lakes to fish for walleye and northern. Valhalla is four miles long with sections over 60 feet in depth. The water is very clear which is typical of trout lakes. In the summer the water drops approximately a foot creating a couple of wonderful sand beaches for swimming or looking for the tracks of moose, caribou and other animals.

The walk to Trough Lake takes approximately six minutes where you can fish for mainly northern. An occasional walleye is caught.The walk to Denise Lake takes approximately five minutes where you can fish for walleye and northern. Since the lake is only a mile across and is spring fed with some walleye ‘holes’, it is a great walleye fishery. Nice northern can be caught here also. Since there are no walleye in Valhalla, you can take walleye from Denise Lake back to the cabin to eat. From Denise lake there is a three minute walk to Johnny lake of similar size and fishing. You can take walleye from this lake back to the cabin to eat.Our ‘Long Portage Lake’ takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the fishing spot. The lake is not large but is home to some great northern in the 48 inch range and good numbers of average sized walleye. You can take walleye back to the cabin to eat.Our eight person cabin is the only cabin on the lake and is situated very close to the water.

Our outposts include:
  • checkmark Cabin equipped with propane gas stove, refrigerator, freezer, hot and cold running water, showers, solar powered electric lights, single beds (boxspring and mattress), woodstove heater, and all cooking and eating dishes and utensils.
  • checkmark 14ft. Aluminum boat and 1 motor for each two persons (spare motor at each camp)
  • checkmark Mixed gasoline
  • checkmark Air transportation from Red Lake to outpost camp and return. Since our rates are based on utilizing the aircraft both ways, it is essential that you arrive at our main camp in Red Lake in the early morning on the date you are to fly to the outpost camp.
  • checkmark Parking
  • checkmark Outpost camp checks